Our application integration solutions are designed to ensure that your existing investments in Legacy and other enterprise systems remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new applications, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise.

We offer application integration solutions in three key areas:

  • E-business Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Legacy Application Integration

An effective E-Business and EA Integration solution is essential for companies to streamline their ordering processes and automate the exchange of information within the different technology platforms in the company’s intranet and extranet. We have proven expertise in integrating systems and e-commerce sites with back-end ERP systems through technologies such as TIBCO, BEA, MQ-Series, Web Methods, BizTalk, Web Services, XML and JMS. We also have expertise in tightly integrating collaborative business-to-business process chains through XML, EDI and agent messaging technology. We develop systems that enable secure, reliable and real-time exchange of direct and indirect material transactions over the Internet. This includes information exchange between disparate intra-company systems, among trading partners and between exchanges/marketplaces of all sizes.

We will analyze the needs of your business, identify different possible integration solutions, and select and implement appropriate architectures, tools and technologies. We will deploy a high impact integration solution that will improve the speed and quality of customer response, streamline business processes, optimize order fulfillment, and enhance your competitiveness and profitability.